Packages and Pricing

The sitting fee is:  $95.00
(within a 10 mile radius of Lancaster, PA 17601***) $5.00 for every 5 miles after the initial 10. With the $95.00 sitting fee you get a 60 minute session and a private link via email to download the pictures from your sitting (30-50 images). I do all of my sittings on Friday (afternoon), Saturday (all day) and Sunday afternoons (if needed).  Sitting Fee is payable in full at the time of your sitting.  Cash and personal checks made out to Kate Aldrich are acceptable. 

***As of August 1, 2013 - our new location radius will be Lancaster, PA 17601.

Ordering Prints:
You can order prints through me at any time.  I have various packages as well as individual print pricing.  You are free to order from anywhere with your CD, please be aware when ordering from local store or online photo sites, many times the color and quality is poor.  I encourage all of my clients to order any prints they are going to frame or display from me.  The printing company that I use is top notch in quality.   Check my Pricing Page for more information.

*** 8x10's crop pictures by 2 inches, please understand that, some shots may not work as an 8x10, but will work as an 8x12.  That is what I have made the prices the same for them

Package A:  $49.99
1-11x14 or 10x13
2-8x10 or 8x12

Package B:  $59.99
2-8x10 or 8x12

Package C:  $99.99
3-8x10 or 8x12
16 Wallets

Wallet Package:  $29.99
48 Wallets-ONE Pose

CD of Pictures - $10.00

Individual Print Pricing
4x6 - $7.00
5x5 - $8.00
5x7 - $9.00
8x10/8x12 - $14.00
10x13 - $21.00
11x14 - $28.00
Wallets (8) - $12.00

***Sales tax is not included and will be added to all prints, packages and additional CD's.

All prices subject to change without notification

Updated September 2017

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