Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Photos and New Arrivals!


Our boys are marking another milestone . . . one is done with preschool and onto pre-K, the other is done with Kindergarten and on to 1st grade. I just don't know where the time goes! We are so thankful for their awesome teachers they had!

PARADISE-10 Years!

We celebrated our 10th Anniversary in Florida for a week in May! It was fantastic! We spent the whole week doing things we enjoy together. The ocean was beautiful! Brad and I had the most amazing week and are so thankful to our friends who shared their Florida haven with us for the week and to the grandparents who made the trip possible!!! Here are some of the highlights! I am so thankful for the husband that God has provided for me! He is my best hubby and daddy!

This bird was mooching, but so fun to watch!

Storm rolling in-quite a site!

So beautiful!

Trying to catch a lizard for Kent at his request.

Very cool statue of the famous photo!